Wednesday, 22 March 2017

why don't we obey Him?

  Assalamualaikum ya asdiqo'i! uhibukum jiddan! for today,I want to share to my readers about human.As we know,we are a human being right? whoever you are,you could not deny that you are a human.I just want you to pay attention for this topic because today I'm going to share to you guys about us!who are we, HUMAN.we are so arrogant and presumptuous to our creator,whereas He is the one who create us and make us alive till today.Just want to let you know that we are the only creation that not obey their creator other than devil,ya,not all but some of us did not obey Him.why?you can ask yourself,which of the favors of your lord will you deny? There are so many things Allah give us,but still some of us are not obey him.What make me feel even worse is most of them is our brothers and sisters,Muslim.If Muslim itself could not show people their obedience to Allah,then how could we expect people to respect us!

All of the creations obey to Allah except human and devil.When Allah ask to the water to flow from top to bottom,water obedient, it never fight.same goes to rain,it will wetting a water to the earth,it never say"I can not do this or that" It will obey to Allah.Likewise,when Allah ask to the day and night to exchange,they will exchange,they never stop exchanging until the day comes,when Allah say to them,stop exchange then they will stop,every single creations obey to Him.Why not us!

That is why when something bad happened to us,the first name that will come out from our mouth is His name,"Allah...Allah...." why not we call our friend.or maybe our family,because the nearest one to us is Him,we couldn't see Him but definitely He was there.He always with us,wherever we go!He always there for us,when we need Him or even when we do not require him.He still there.He love us,so love Him back! He is the reason we still alive till now,He is the one who make us strong when we are weak,make us rest when we are tired,make us happy when we are sad,every things and situations changes because of Him.He can do whatever He want.

He still forgive us even we have done so many sins.He still giving us another day,so we can ask him forgiveness,so we can repent to him,so we can conscious our mistakes and turn back to Him.But still we are negligent and complacent.I'm referring this more to myself actually.I'm not the kind of good servants but still we need to do anythings that can make we close to Allah.But the first thing we need to do is OBEY Him.Trust me,after that you will  see your life become more beautiful and better.

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                                        Hasil carian imej untuk obey your allah

Friday, 3 February 2017

And when I am ill, it is He who cures me

And we will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and 

a lost of wealth,and lives and fruits,but give good tidings to the


Assalamualaikum wahai 

hamba-hamba Illahi.semalam sekolah 

nana adakan merentas desa,biasalah,rancang nak pergi,tapi 

perancangan Allah lebih hebat!

pagi-pagi buta tu dalam pukul 1:52 pagi,perut nana sakit gile,dekat 

bahagian ulu hati,so nana memang tak boleh tidur,asyik muntah-

muntah je,hanya Allah yang tahu betapaa sakitnya nana rasakan 

pada waktu itu,bayangkanlah,The whole night I just vomit! It 

happens each 20 minutes,after that,I will vomit back! It hurting me 

so much! tapi nana cuba juga untuk kuat! waktu pukul 7:22,abah 

bawa nana pergi hospital.dah takde klinik yang buka waktu pagi2 

buta tu,akhirnya pergi jelah hospital,dokter kata nana kena 

gastrik,kalau teruk sangat kena ambil injection,akhirnya lepas 

bincang semua nana akhirnya ambil ubat makn je! dapat sekali 


tahan muntah! lepas makan semua ubat tu,tak sampai beberapa 

minit,nana muntah lagi,ya Allah,rasa macam tak worth it! 


baru terfikir "patutnya ambil injection je tadi", tak terkira berapa 

banyak kali nana muntah2 semalam..tapi malam tadi sebelum 

tidur,nana makan semua ubat lagi sekali,nana makan panadol 

juga,sebab nana kena demam waktutu,Alhamdulillah malam tadi 

nana dapat tidur dengan lena,and today nana rasa better sikit,yang 

tu je kot yang nana nak cerite,nana rasa Allah sentiasa ada di 

samping nana,waktu badan nana lemah giler,sebab dah muntah 

segalanya,sampai badan kosong takde ape dah,nana rasa lemah 

gile,seriously nana rase maca dah tak mampu nak teruska 

kehidupan,tapi tak sangka Allah masih lagi bagi peluang untuk 

nana,moral of the story is, always put your trust in 


Indeed,He always there for you and always give you strength to 

get through all the hardships!

so,don't easily lose hope okay!

so,that's all for today,Alhamdulillah!

why don't we obey Him?

  Assalamualaikum ya asdiqo'i! uhibukum jiddan! for today,I want to share to my readers about human.As we know,we are a human being righ...